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  • Our guiding policy


Tutoko Outdoor Guides is ...

Tutoko Outdoor Guides Ltd offers one-day guided walking tours in the South Island of New Zealand, and we also offer specialized tours focusing on flowers and birds in the area.

We believe in doing anything “the right way, while having fun, and with physical and mental strength”, and this has become our company motto.

Tutoko Outdoor Guides Ltd is owned and operated by people from Japan, but we are permanent residents of New Zealand. The company is registered in New Zealand, and we do everything under the New Zealand law. Please refer to our company profile for more detail.

We sincerely wish that our website have been of some help to you, and will be honoured if this website could assist you in any way as you create great memories and experiences in Te Anau, New Zealand.

You can check to our Company profile
We hold National Park Guiding Concessions for a wide variety of walks – from easy and fun walks for beginners, to much tougher walks for the more experienced and fitness. Some walks include route-finding through the bushes and staying in tents or rock-bivvies.

Being residents of Te Anau, the entrance to Fiordland National Park, our relationships with the local companies are very important to us, and we use local suppliers as much as possible.
Furthermore, we are registered with the organizations below both as a tour operator and as an outdoor guides service company in New Zealand.

We are member of;


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Tutoko's guiding policy is ...

We at Tutoko Outdoor Guides Ltd sometimes refer to ourselves as “Tutoko People”.
As “Tutoko People”, all of our staff:
–   Hold required visa to live and work in New Zealand.
–   Hold first aid training certificates.
–   Hold the license required to operate passenger service vehicles.
–   Believe in continuing to pursue more knowledge and training in the fields of tourism and outdoor guiding.

Believe in the company’s goal of providing a safe tour for all of our clients, as well a chance for our clients to truly enjoy the natural beauty of New Zealand.

However, a guide with simply an abundance of knowledge is not necessarily a great guide, and just as each guide’s face is different from one another, so is each of their guiding styles.

To be a great guide who can satisfy all customers, we believe that a guide needs to be honest, modest and always have a positive attitude.

At Tutoko Outdoor Guides Ltd, all of our staff work together every day to try to each become great guides for all of our clients.

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